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Frozen Shoulder - What Works? - Online event Sept 21

Frozen Shoulder - What Works? - Online event Sept 21
Frozen Shoulder - What Works? - Online event Sept 21
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Online Live Webinar

Everywhere: September 21st, 7.30pm (AEST)

A/Prof Craig Allingham

Australian Sports, Exercise & Men's Health Physiotherapist

Shoulder Enthusiast


Frozen Shoulder is an absolute bummer. Ridiculous pain, frustrating limitations and practitioners who have NFI of what the client is going through or how to help.

I was one of those practitioners. For years I pretended to treat these shoulders, gaining micro-amounts of range at a treatment only to see it evaporate by the next visit. All the while causing unnecessary pain to my unfortunate clients. Those that kept attending eventually responded. Those that didn't would also have improved but perhaps not so quickly or completely.

What has changed me? Familiar story - I became the patient. Yes! Allingham got a Frozen Shoulder. Karma. The Glenohumerverse Strikes Back!

Consequently I acquired insight and the opportunity to try things I would never do to a paying client - some worked and some didn't. 

Join me online to discover new strategies, treatments and exercises that will benefit your frozen shoulder clients. Without causing them even more ridiculous pain.

In this one hour live online session you will learn what helps and what doesn't. You will develop an understanding from the client perspective and what they are hoping you can provide. We will cover:

  • The natural history of the condition across the stages
  • Early recognition that might allow pre-emptive action to control loss of function
  • The special role of the long head of biceps in the loss of range 
  • The most effective exercises to maintain and restore mobility (I had to invent a few new ones)
  • How to keep the client focused, realistic and compliant with your program (holistic management)

In addition to the webinar, you will have access to video resources of new and effective exercises to add to your repertoire.

Course Fee $77 (AUD)

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International Registrants

You can attend live at a perhaps insanely inconvenient time or register and receive the link to view a recording of the session at your leisure. Or both.

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