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Book More Clients - turning clients into cash flow

Book More Clients - turning clients into cash flow
Book More Clients - turning clients into cash flow
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The art of converting customers into sales and clients into cash flow. Frontline skills for all customer facing staff.

This book details both the common and unusual situations that arise at service businesses and how to deal with them. The objective is to marry superior customer service with quality service delivery to the ultimate benefit of all parties. Written by Craig Allingham – a physiotherapist with over 40 years in professional practice.

‘This is the clearest, simplest and easiest-to-use book ever written on how to turn even a simple phone call enquiry into profit‘      Allan Pease, International author and communicator.

Perfect for health professionals, beauty salons, hairdressers, massage, day spas, therapists, brokers, realtors, doctors, podiatrists, trainers and veterinarians.

Full of practical examples of how to use words with clients to manage best practice service delivery with the business expectations of the practice. Includes everything from phone skills, handling interruptions, conflict resolution with difficult clients right through to negotiating treatment plans, follow up appointments and lost client call backs.

Is it worth the price? It will be if you implement just some of the strategies to boost your clients' spend-per-episode and return rates. There are operational improvements for all team members which cumulatively and perhaps exponentially will increase your turnover, profit and reputation.


Book More Clients - turning customers into cash flow

ISBN 978-0-9803999-3-6

Price $29.95 AUD (plus shipping)

'This book is our practice bible - for teaching and improving customer service skills throughout the organisation'
Shira Kramer, Be Active Physio, Prahran, Vic.

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