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The Work Ready Physio - Nov 29 Webinar

The Work Ready Physio - Nov 29 Webinar
The Work Ready Physio - Nov 29 Webinar
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Insights and Strategies to Succeed in a Private Practice

Webinar: Tues Nov 29, 2022 - 7pm (Qld time, AEST)
1 hour and a bit (for questions)

Craig Allingham APAM, Exec.MBA.

Clinician, Employer and Presenter

University, clinical placement and/or Public Health may not prepare you for the competing pressures of private practice.

Employer expectations may not easily reconcile with your concept of best practice. 

Your patients depend on you sorting this.

This workshop will equip you with the insight, understanding and practical smarts to bring your best physio skills to your patients AND tick off the KPIs with your employer. 

Topics Include

Balancing workplace rights and responsibilities (including duty of care)

Costs of production - why quality physio is expensive

Personal marketing

Client retention strategies

Managing referrers

Time Utilisation to maximise productivity

These skills are important to you and your clients. They are are also applicable to private practices outside of Australia - UK, Canada, Ireland and elsewhere. 

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