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NZ - Nutting Out Men's Health Physio

NZ - Nutting Out Men's Health Physio
NZ - Nutting Out Men's Health Physio
NZ - Nutting Out Men's Health Physio
NZ - Nutting Out Men's Health Physio
NZ - Nutting Out Men's Health Physio
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One day workshop combining lecture and practical content on men's pelvic health physiotherapy. Covering the anatomy/physiology of the system, clinical assessment and treatment for urinary incontinence, prostatectomy rehab, erectile dysfunction and more. 

Course Leader: A/Prof Craig Allingham

Saturday May 18th, 2024

Rydges Latimer
Christchurch, New Zealand

8.30am - 4.30pm

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how male clients receive and transmit health related information and how to improve effective transfer from therapist to client.
  • Describe the normal anatomy and function of the male urogenitary system
  • Understand prostate gland disease, diagnosis, treatment pathways, side effects and the role of physiotherapy in retraining continence and general fitness
  • Learn to clinically evaluate pelvic floor muscle function or dysfunction from the clinical interview and physical examination
  • Deliver an effective pre- and post-prostatectomy rehabilitation program for men undergoing surgery for prostate cancer
  • Describe the common causes of erectile dysfunction and how physiotherapy can help
  • Reflect on the effective delivery of men's pelvic health in their own practice or department

Course Fee includes extensive course workbook, discounts on Craig's prostate books, catering, and a certificate of attendance.

This Course has been hosted by the APA elsewhere and meets with their course accreditation requirements for currency, evidence based content and quality of teaching.

If you prefer to transfer payment from your bank to our bank, here are the banking details. Please put your surname as a reference AND send an email to with your registration details.

Acct No (IBAN): 06442010645708
Acct Name: Redsok Seminars
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank

Here's a thought...

The next day at the same venue, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand are holding their annual conference from 8am to 4pm. You might want to stay over and hear their line up of experts. Check it out at PCFNZ Annual Conference

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