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Hold It Sister

Hold It Sister
Hold It Sister
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The user's manual for the female pelvic floor.

Discover the healthy habits and ways to retrain, retain and regain your pelvic floor health.

It’s estimated around 40% of women live with bladder control problems. 50% with pelvic organ prolapse. In many cases, this is due to weak or uncoordinated pelvic floor muscles.  Hold it Sister is the book women have been searching for – an easy to read practical guide to discover and control a hidden and misunderstood area of their body.

Mary introduces her new three-stage exercise system for the female pelvic floor: Find It. Control It. Train It.  You will also find practical information for health and fitness professionals on managing women who have an increased risk of pelvic floor dysfunction.

This book is a compelling new vision for female pelvic health – all women will benefit from the information and expert guidance this book delivers.

 ISBN 978-0-9803999-8-1

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