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Hold It Mama

Hold It Mama
Hold It Mama
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Hold It Mama is the Pelvic Floor and Core Handbook for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Written by leading women's health physiotherapist Mary O'Dwyer this book is ideal for women who want the best of both worlds: children and a strong, vibrant pelvic floor and core. 

This guide empowers women to reclaim their fitness, shape and pelvic health during pregnancy, through the birthing and into the recovery phase. Mary's goal is to reduce the incidence of post natal incontinence and pelvic floor prolapse which can result from the birthing process.

Contents include-

  • Discovering your pelvic floor and its muscles
  • Managing your core & floor during pregnancy
  • Effective ways to prepare for labour
  • Effects on the pelvic floor from birth interventions used during labour
  • Improving pelvic floor outcomes
  • Positioning and progressing through labour
  • Step by step recovery after vaginal or Caesarean births
  • Assessing your own floor, scars, damage or prolapse
  • Caesarean or perineal scarring healing
  • Resuming sex after childbirth
  • Returning to exercise with the 'Shrink the Jellybelly' program
  • Birth and postpartum care in other cultures
  • Caring for your pelvic floor and core beyond birth

ISBN  978-0-9870766-2-5    206 Pages    RRP: $24.95 (plus shipping)


'What a wealth of information and an incredible feat - it would be a great text for students too.' Dianne Edmonds, The Pregnancy Centre

'Great info - very balanced. Essential for all pregnant mums!' Dr Kylie Booth, Cares SA

I will be recommending Mary’s new book to all my patients in the baby phase of their life. Packed with information answering all those frequently asked questions of pregnancy and birth…all in a sensible, easy to understand format. Fiona Rogers, Women’s health physiotherapist

The usefulness of this book cannot be overestimated, both in terms of prevention of problems as well as recovery – her tone is perfect.  Jane Barry, Midwife

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