Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan 2nd Ed.

New Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan 2nd Ed.

The tested program for post treatment recovery of continence and erections. From Prof. Craig Allingham, Men's Health Physio.

The first edition of Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan sold out. Twice.

For that reason and the advances in prostate cancer treatment and survivorship it was time for an update. This second edition includes more on pelvic floor exercise training to improve continence and erectile function PLUS strength, fitness and general health.

My hope is that men can work on their recovery to the point of overcoming the side effects of treatment or at least come to terms with where they have arrived. And then focus on the positive aspects of their relationships, work, recreation and what ever gives them fulfilment. The feedback from the first edition and from my clinical work indicates almost all men who make some effort to follow the program make significant gains in both continence and erectile response.

This book won't do the work for you but it will steer you in the right direction and give you the tools to make a difference.

Title: Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan 2
Edition: 2nd
Author: A/Prof. Craig Allingham
ISBN: 9780987076663
Publisher: Redsok International
Date of Release: Oct 2017

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