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Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan 3rd Ed.

Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan 3rd Ed.
Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan 3rd Ed.
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The tested program for post treatment recovery of continence and erections. From Prof. Craig Allingham, Men's Health & Sports Physiotherapist.

Just Released - 3rd Edition!!  Seriously? A men's health book into it's third edition? Unheard of but true.

The first edition of Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan sold out. Twice. Likewise the second edition. Now with recent advances in treatment, survivorship and the increasing range of men being diagnosed with prostate cancer an update was required. 

The goal remains the same - helping men work on their recovery from treatment for their prostate disease and regain continence and/or erectile function. Using my home program of pelvic floor muscle training based on 40 years of work as a sports physiotherapist (I know, a hamstring is not a pelvic floor but muscles is muscles) I am confident every man who applies himself to the program will improve. 

Treatment for prostate cancer is a tough gig. The side effects and slow recovery for many men are even tougher. Why go through all that and not make life on the other side more enjoyable and fulfilling by investing some time and effort on retraining. Not just your pelvic floor but also your general health and fitness. Research shows that physical training can improve post-cancer outcomes for men, especially training that is age and condition specific - the Men's Action Plan.

This book won't do the work for you but it will steer you in the right direction and give you the tools to make a difference.

Title: Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan
Edition: 3rd
Author: A/Prof. Craig Allingham
ISBN: 9780987076687
Publisher: Redsok International
Date of Release: May 2020

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