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Model: NutOut
This recording (in two parts) of my one day online workshop combining lecture and practical content on men's pelvic health physiotherapy. Covering the anatomy/physiology of the system, clinical assessment and treatment for urinary incontinence, prostatectomy rehab, pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction ..
Model: 3rd Ed
The tested program for post treatment recovery of continence and erections. From Prof. Craig Allingham, Men's Health & Sports Physiotherapist.Just Released - 3rd Edition!!  Seriously? A men's health book into it's third edition? Unheard of but true.The first edition of Prostate Re..
Model: Keep It. Healthy T-Shirt
Exclusive offer - the Keep It. Healthy T-shirt. Perfect for those working in men's health or experiencing prostate health issues. Proudly wear your commitment and your important work. Available in black or white with loge on the front and web contact on the back...
Brand: Redsok Publishing Model: First Ed
For men, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer and probably the one that strikes the most fear as the treatment often results in symptoms worse and more life-changing than the actual cancer. Far better to not need treatment in the first place, which is exactly what this book will help wit..
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