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Written by expert clinicians and teachers, these books present practical and informative content based on years of experience and research. 

Brand: Redsok Publishing Model: Book More Clients
The art of converting customers into sales and clients into cash flow. Frontline skills for all customer facing staff.This book details both the common and unusual situations that arise at service businesses and how to deal with them. The objective is to marry superior customer service wit..
Model: Orig
Hold It Mama is the Pelvic Floor and Core Handbook for Pregnancy, Birth & BeyondWritten by leading women's health physiotherapist Mary O'Dwyer this book is ideal for women who want the best of both worlds: children and a strong, vibrant pelvic floor and core. This guide empowers women to re..
Model: HIS2
The user's manual for the female pelvic floor. Discover the healthy habits and ways to retrain, retain and regain your pelvic floor health.It’s estimated around 40% of women live with bladder control problems. 50% with pelvic organ prolapse. In many cases, this is due to weak or uncoo..
Model: 3rd Ed
The tested program for post treatment recovery of continence and erections. From Prof. Craig Allingham, Men's Health & Sports Physiotherapist.Just Released - 3rd Edition!!  Seriously? A men's health book into it's third edition? Unheard of but true.The first edition of Prostate Re..
Brand: Redsok Publishing Model: First Ed
For men, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer and probably the one that strikes the most fear as the treatment often results in symptoms worse and more life-changing than the actual cancer. Far better to not need treatment in the first place, which is exactly what this book will help wit..
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